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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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in gloucester county but we have good news. we have an update coming up, steve. another day, another new round of announcements for the pope visit, and another new round of frustration for a lot of people affected, lauren. plus, virginia man admits to kidnapping a woman right off the streets of the philadelphia, this was not his first attack but what prosecutors say did he to another person a month earlier. good day it is friday, september 11th, 2015. >> that date, of course, very much in the mind of so many people who lost loved ones 14 years ago today. we will look at remembrances and honoring those victims coming up later but first sue, we will finally see some rain. >> yes, we did. boy, did we. record rainfall as we said at philly international yesterday, were four and three quarter inches. yikes. eight out of ten though for today in your weather by the numbers because it is pretty much out of here. we are cloudy and dam this morning. buddy got rid of the umbrella, putting rain jacket way.
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we have put away muggy the dog. it is humid this morning. it will not that be way for the rest of the day. most of the temperatures in the 60's including philadelphia where it is 68 degrees. 87 percent relative humidity but nice breeze out of the north at 12 miles an hour. that is helping to dry things out. roads are still damp but they are drying out soon. 6:38 is your sin right time. won't see sunshine necessarily immediately as rest of the system gets out of here but eventually we will see some sunshine and decent afternoon. couple left over showers in ocean county and mercer county, that is bit. sixty-one in mount pocono, lancaster has 64. we have got 67 in trenton, lets go down south at 07 in wildwood. warm spot this morning. sixty-eight in wilmington. things are changing. we will have a cooler more comfortable morning. the most of our wind are out of the north or northwest ape that is dryer air moving in and cooler air and more comfortable air. we will have a nice afternoon as humidity goes down a bit.
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84 degrees. 7:17 is your sunset time. earlier start to the phillies tonight the because now they have a double header because of the rain yesterday. >> lucky you if you have a ticket for tonight's game you get a two for one special. if you had a ticket to last night's game you can exchange last night's ticket for another game, maybe tonight, but again that is a double header, tonight down there in south philadelphia. a live look saint david villanova an accident this is the the blue route 476 off ramp to saint david villanova there for radnor. police are on the scene. it is left over friday. everything is wet, from all of the rain we had to deal with from yesterday. some areas still getting hit with spot i showers as sues showed us this morning you have to use your wipers a couple times on your way in, find puddles, find the spray, active shower hitting the 42 freeway as we work our way toward philadelphia. all of the overnight construction is washed out
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last night, so don't worry about any work crews but there could be down trees, some tree branches and if it was trash collection day for you yesterday, maybe a box or a trash can lid laying out there also lot of the leaves that got knocked down from the wind yesterday are laying on the surface. they are stuck to the ground there. there could be slippery as you roll out of the drive way. route 247 in pottstown closed in both directions right at scholl lane. 202 north of west chester, heading to route 401 there is a new pattern that impact that is 401 off ramp. this is that area with no overhead street lamps. overnight and early morning hours it comes up fast. south jersey, again, here's the stretch getting hit with showers. speed go from 65 to 39. so naturally the weather this morning will slow us down, throw a few extra minutes on the clock. philly international we had big delays yesterday, hopefully that won't be the case this morning.
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first couple flights scheduled got out of town without a delay, but i would certainly check with the airline if you are intend to go fly. here's the deal for double header, if you hold a ticket for tonight the's game you get two for one. go down, gates open up at 4:05, first game 5:05 filled by 7:05 for originally scheduled game. if you had a ticket last night just don't walk in there and show up. you have to exchange your ticket officially for another game and you can to that of course at phillies box office. chris abe and lauren back to you. it has been 14 years since one of the worst attacks on american soil today there will be observance to memorialize 39,000 lives lost in new york city, washington tc and shanksville, pennsylvania. as with each year, there will be four moments of silence at ground zero in new york. special services for families of the victims at the pentagon and memorials in all three locations are opened today to the public. pennsylvania senator pat toomey will deliver key net
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address during nine soy one memorial service this morning in delaware county that event will take place at law enforcement the and fire e ms memorial in media in 10:30. services will honor first responders and military. in wilmington governor jack markell will deliver remarks at the the delaware military academy. that ceremony begins at 11:00 a.m. steve sweeney will visit several memorials, today throughout gloucester county. the his day will include the annual patriots day ceremony in mantua and from there he will head to mercer and bergen counties in north jersey to honor those, using today as volunteer take. 5:05. philadelphia city officials easing concerns about security restrictionness our area. >> more information released from the city yesterday. steve keeley tell us about it. >> reporter: let's do the good news first, since we're always called pessimist on this show. septa will not have everything shut down, like they thought, back in june so more stops have opened up, including the one close to us at eighth and market. that means it is also close to
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independent hall. so mayor yesterday said hey, it turns out you don't to have walk as far now you have to walk a couple blocks on day one because you can get all the way on mass transit and transportation to eighth and market. as we all know independent hall just off sixth and market. that is the good news. the bad news is, a lot more inconvenience suddenly for people live and work in these secure center city and olde city zones. that is sad. we saw some people last night at the basilica that we have video of a smaller world meeting of philly families we can call them inside the big basilica last night to get more answers and get out more of their frustrations after hearing about the late's nuns. about parking. they are legally allowed to park right now in front of their homes and businesses but will not be for the pope's security that will towing cars the sunday before the the actual sunday the following week of the pope's parkway
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mass. >> all no parking areas will receive one week notice, signs will be posted on monday september 4th event. this coming monday. >> if you normally park your car in either of the security perimeter or the secure vehicle perimeter we're, we need to call on your civic pride and duty and ask you to relocate your vehicle or unfortunately under other circumstances we will have to relocate that vehicle also known as towing. towing in the center city area will begin on sunday, september 20th. the map is now up of a towing schedule. it must be completed by wednesday, september 23rd, to accommodate the construction of the secure perimeters and event infrastructure. >> reporter: i bet you this car in this legal spot right in front of the basilica will probably be spot number one they will be towing from since this is prime location. it looks like first portable
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john to the right, right behind the car already installed there. i don't know why they have one outside but maybe that is a permanent one. parking authority we have learn yesterday is also going to start what they are calling preselling, i don't know if that is a new word, preselling, 2,000, $20 parking garage spots where center city and olde city residents and businesses can park their vehicle during the pope visit. you won't be able to move it in and out but it will be safe in a philadelphia a parking authority garage for those days, so inconvenience, at a cost, but not as costly as you know getting your car towed and storage fees and long taxi ride to the tow lot in south philadelphia. now presold plaquard are then being told to be put on dashboard to avoid getting towed next sunday and days leading up to that thursday, when you have to put your car in that garage. but since we don't live in the crime free society in our viewers realize every day chris and lauren that is like
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leaving a 20-dollar bill in your dashboard since these plaquard are limited to 2,000. you need to show your residents requirement to even buy one. this will be pretty valuable things. do you want something of value on your dashboard all night on your car, in this in the so crime free area? that is the question, i don't know if anybody thought of that idea. >> p pa is in charge of this? what a mess. >> all right, steve keeley. i had my car towed but i had the plaquard there don't get me started. >> sick of traffic. of course, this is due to flooding, not p pa. >> sabina is in gloucester county. how does it look for drivers this morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we got out here a little earlier this morning this roadway here along route 45, around berkley, it is completely flooded out. pretty clear now flood waters have receded quickly out here and just a short time ago we did see action, flashing lights, police removed
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barricade they have put autopsy long this roadway. it looks like this roadway portion here is backup, and open. you can see cars going through there. there is debris from those receding flood waters. it is not too bad from what we can see in the dark here. but let's zoom in on that real estate sign we need a point of view here we will give free advertise to go that real estate agent over there but i want to show you, no flood waters here. lets get video that we got for you earlier this morning when flood waters, were a good way up that sign. it was covering at least the steaks in the ground right up to the name on that plaquard there. so actually flood waters got deep out here and police say this isn't an area that usually floods when we do have heavy rain that we want to point out, there it is, on a lit built have the low lying area here coming downhills just a little bit. they say police have been flooded about 1:00 this morning after that heavy rain, gloucester county under a flood washing until 7:00 this morning. but just in time for rush hour
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this roadway here at route 45, berkley back opened, you can see traffic going through just now but wasn't the story just a short time ago. guys, back to you. thanks very much, sabina. virginia man add in myths to kidnapping a woman off the streets of philadelphia remember this in november? surveillance video caught delvin barnes forcing a young woman in his car. the prosecutors say he kept carlesha free land gaither tied up as he drove south of philadelphia. investigators found them three days later in maryland. barnes faces 35 years in prison as part of the plea deal. he is also facing charges in virginia where he is accused of kidnapping, sexual assault and trying to kill a six year-old girl a in before that philadelphia kidnapping. iran nuclear deal survived a key vote in the senate but it was close. how democrats blocked the disapproval against the deal.
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crying in the rain, this song written by carol king. >> yes. only the the old stuff. >> rainy day yesterday in our pajamas. >> together?
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>> no. >> but we both said how we put on our pajamas and just veg out. >> i tweeted a facebook how i thought roofus would be barking and i wouldn't get my nap in. he behaved himself i'm happy to say and i got my nap. hopefully you got one too. were 4.7 inches of ran, it was 4.76 inches to be exact and that was a record, for the date of september 10th. previous record in 1909, that one is in the books. 2 inches, almost in dover. 3 inches, almost in lancaster, and about two and a half inches around fort dix yesterday. in case you were wondering, the all time daily railroaded of how much rainfall we have ever had in one day in philadelphia was 8.02 and that only happened a couple years ago on july 28th of 2013. it was a sunday. i remember it well. phillies, yeah we were talking about that double header tonight. it will be a nice evening for both games.
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it starts at 5:05. 78 degrees when the the games begin, the phillies and cubs at citizens bank park tonight. you see most of the heavier rain from yesterday moved to the north east and up in new england, boston getting back rain right now. for us we don't see too much left, ocean county, we have a little bit of rain, around barnegat, and beach haven this morning. some light showers and that is about it. so clouds will linger longer, through about seven or 8:00 o'clock and then we will see sun filtering in later in the morning. if it is cloud think morning, just clouds we shouldn't have any rain. the rest of the day looks nice as humidity goes down. saturday we will get few extra clouds by 1:00 in the afternoon and maybe four or 5:00 is the the arrival time for our next round of rain. could get heavy overnight, depend where these downpours set up, into sunday morning. the little break sunday
5:17 am
morning. another round have rain moving through on sunday afternoon. the best rule of thumb is outdoor things are best early in the day but so much more going on this weekend, it is in the a wash out but certainly not a perfect weekend, either. it looks great for monday. 65 degrees in pottstown. sixty-seven reading. sixty-one in mount pocono. 68 degrees in wilmington. sixty-eight in dover. we were soaking wet yesterday, with over four and three-quarters inches of rain, 81 the high temperature. today with sunshine 48 degrees. as we head in the weekend, we're in the 80's on saturday, cooler on sunday. monday looks gorgeous with a high of 77 degrees and gradual warming trend towards middle of next week and we're back in the mid 80's by wednesday but we will get some good time in bob kelly for that kenneth square mushroom festival, from saturday and sunday. >> let's do it.
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5:17. a tractor trailer accident here in center city philadelphia jackknife tractor trailer that is blocking ramps from the vine street expressway to head west out of town on the schuylkill expressway. here's another camera here, so anyone, leaving center city heading over toward the schuylkill you are not able to go west out of town, out toward city line or conshohocken. all traffic is forced east on the schuylkill expressway and that means u turn laverne here. anyone leaving town trying to get out toward city line or king of prussia jumping off the parkway or use vine street local or take kelly drive out of town you'll be good to go. otherwise coming over ben franklin, all folks forced to go east on the schuylkill and flip u turn or use 30th or at south street, jackknife, it is in the a quick fix here, this could really set tone for rest of the morning rush hour.
5:19 am
otherwise, 95 out of northeast philadelphia, road are wet, we have wipers intermittently working this morning and puddles in the neighborhood, grab your motorcycle and lets go. roar to the shore classic met or cycle event this weekend in the wildwood at convention center and then tomorrow morning if you are getting an early start with your bike or going to any of the events this weekend, tomorrow penndot will be working on the schuylkill expressway down to one lane starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning conshohocken to gladwynn. chris and lauren back to you. chris, you said so many people remember this day 14 years ago some people reaching out on twitter and we got this tweet from peel he will yan hoist a friend of the show. lost my friend chris in tower one on september 11th. he loved villanova. >> one of nearly 3,000 who lost their lives on this day 14 years ago. >> still on top of our mind. fbi busted a man plotting an attack to coincide with the
5:20 am
anniversary of 9/11. >> josh goldberg of florida charged with this plot. fbi says he began communicating with an agency in july ape gave person information about how to build a bomb. then told the informant to place the the bomb at a memorial in kansas city missouri. police say 11 vehicles have been shot in the string of incidents that have people on edge. most of the shootings happened on freeways in the phoenix area latest involved a commercial truck. thankfully there has in the been any serious injuries but you can imagine drivers in the city really on edge. >> it is just so scary. i'm glad that nobody was in the back seat. i'm glad that the dogs weren't in the back seat. i was like my god they hit front window i don't know. really scary. they need to find him. >> so far they have not found him and they don't have any leads in this. senate democrats blocked disapproval vote on the iran deal, 58-42 in favor of the proceeding with the deal. it means disapproval resolution will not reach president obama's desk.
5:21 am
senate republicans vowed to keep pushing forward. >> no member of the conquer no member of the public, no american citizen has read this entire agreement but yet we have members that say this is a great deal and i'm exited to vote for it. >> iran is now two to three months from being able to produce a nuclear weapon and critics have offered no credible alternative. >> lawmakers are considering all options to slow down or stop implementation of the agreement which could include going to court to continue the fight. u.s. is opening up its doors to more syrian refugees, beginning next month white house says it wants to allow at least 10,000 refugees over the next budget year, decision is in response to europe's growing migrant crisis. many fleeing violence associated with isis for parts of the middle east and africa. the white house has been under heavy pressure to more than just give money. syrian refugees allowed in the u.s. are people already in the
5:22 am
pipeline waiting to be let in, not thousands working their way across europe right now. only 1500 syrian refugees have have come to the u.s. in the last few years. medical break through for patients being treated for diabetes doctors say discovery has reversed her disease what this could mean for millions of other americans. >> but first lottery numbers.
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doctors say a important discovery in the treatment of the disease. >> she's experiencing life in a whole new way after having a new cell transplant procedure, she's first patient to have this special surgery, suffered from type one diabetes for 26 years now, she says her life was very reg mended with her take revolving around her treatment. >> my days were focused on monitoring my blood sugar with muscle i am finger pricks and multiple insulin injections, of course and trying to coordinate all of that with when i ate, what i ate, and even when i exercised, and it is a constant juggling act.
5:26 am
just seeing that it gives me hope and gives so many others hope. >> she had procedure in florida jackson memorial hospital last month. doctors say surgery is minimally invasive. they say they only made three incisionness her abdomen to implant cells covering the abdominal organs, as opposed to the liver. according to a new survey fewer teens are smoking, drinking or abusing certain drugs and released by substance abuse and mental health services administration. it involves over 65,000, 12 to 16 years old. they were surveyed between 2002 and 2014. it wasn't all good news, researchers say heroin and marijuana use were up for that age group. coming up, making history, the early 1980's out break in the fight against it to this day
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and, already, almost mid-september. >> yes. >> this year is flying by. >> yes. >> we need the rain, sue serio, my goodness. we have not had rain in 20 something days. >> that is right, since august f yesterday, that was like 20 days and we were at about four and a half inch deficit of rain for july, august and september. we have all in one day, yesterday, in philadelphia, record amount of rainfall. so here we are with the cloudy and damp morning and mess of the rain is gone, bus stop buddy, just a polo shot on today, temperatures in the 60's, muggy the dog's inside and boy, he is growling. he is mad, because it is humid right now, but it just won't be later on. eight out of ten in your weather by numbers.
5:31 am
68 degrees and 13 miles an hour wind out of the north. that is helping to dry us out, damp roadways are getting less damp, 84 percent relative humidity. still muggy out there. 6:38 is your sunrise time. most have the rain, up in new england, clearing boston area. now, we just saw rain in ocean county and that is gone, as well. 61 degrees in the mountains. sixty-four in lancaster, and 68, close to 07 in atlantic city and 07 in wildwood. still kind of of muggy out there with, the northerly wind though that will be changing. we do expect a nice afternoon with a high temperature of 84 degrees. that is your weather authority forecast. seven day forecast which includes the weekend, it is coming up, hi bob kelly. >> muggy the doggies growling with this accident here on the schuylkill expressway, on the ramps from the vine expressway to the schuylkill. jackknife tractor trailer as image goes in and out on me
5:32 am
here. another camera shot crossing town on the vine street expressway coming over toward the schuylkill, you are not able to get on, to head out of town, west out toward king of prussia. all traffic forced to go east on the schuylkill expressway, and of course that puts you going in the opposite direction, we have an option of either flipping u turn at 30th street, or at south street, your best bet though if you are leaving center city or coming over ben franklin bridge and you are intend to go head out of town west use vine street local and then kelly drive or martin luther king drives will get you around jackknife tractor trailer and on your way. this could be a game changer for rest of the morning rush hour here, coming through, center city philadelphia, there on that vine street expressway. otherwise, all of the road are damp and wet this morning. we are dealing with left overs here all because of the rain from yesterday, an accident southbound lanes of 476, right at the saint david/villanova
5:33 am
off ramp and then north on 202, watch for a new pattern at route 401 interchange right at the off ramp there ramps are set up differently. head up for tomorrow, a lot of events, folks heading to the shore, they are working on the schuylkill expressway all day beginning at 6:00 a.m. down to one lane on the schuylkill conshohocken to gladwynn. mass transit looking g chris and lauren, back to you. more news released about security checkpoints around the city during pope's visit. >> that news adding to the frustration of people and business owners, steve keeley now live in philadelphia as a way, steve, they have to move their cars, how many days in advance of the pope's arrival. >> reporter: let me get to that first, later. i just did that hit. i will talk about something else this time. this now about walking, and septa we will do good news in this hit. parking bit, next. but the walking around for miles now has been retranslated in to a way more
5:34 am
welcoming not so dire warning, going for many miles to mere blocks. why? because planners may have realized people were plane being scared away from even showing up, hotel boxings to get aways at the shore, may have been feeling more than hotel booking is here in the city for the pope. now septa has been allowed suddenly by the high security plan tours open up more stops a a lot more closer to the action and events, like at independent mall on day one and here on the parkway for day two. >> when you add for instance, eighth and market was not on the original list. when you add eighth and market as a stop your literally two blocks from independence hall, it makes a big difference. a few others that have been added overtime as we have continued to refine and work and do, yeah, the absolute
5:35 am
travel distances have been reduce budd that does not the take away from i guess the larger point that we were trying to make way back in june when we had our first press conference is that you will to walk some distance. >> unaudible. >> reporter: well, some not even interested in the pope are being forced to walk and walk far, probably and they are not happy about it because they are forced, since you asked, chris to keep their cars out of their own streets and their normal parking spot. meeting here last night at the basilica, what a coincidence that is before the the pope's mass there, for those who live, in the security zones in olde city and center city, finding out yesterday that their cars will be towed starting, next sunday, unless they don't do a couple of things and that is, that is sunday before the sun take mass of the pope. that is how far in advance. they have to buy a $20, special parking authority garage spot or just moved
5:36 am
their vehicles off the street despite needing their vehicles to get work around and gets kid to and from school. they are not happen bye that. they knew they had to move during pope's visit and then finding out yesterday that the towing will start sun take, and we will have more about that when i see new a half an hour. >> so many moving parts, related to people, go to fox happening today supporters will be out for kick off event for 29th annual aid walk in philadelphia. >> the scene this year is 1981, until it is over. walk will take place sunday, 15,000 people are expected to participate, proceed go toward education and health care services in the city to day's kick off event will be beginning at 11:00 in rittenhouse square at 18th and walnut. 5:26. before the official start of the fall and delaware river waterfront is kicking off series of new events foresees on. spruce street festival will get underway today.
5:37 am
it will feature a number of free events throughout the the season. phillies made change the fans have been crying for a long time now, reuben amaro, he is fired we will hear more about that. week after getting, you know, ham nerd court, tom brady did the same thing with the steelers and nfl season opener.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
ruben amaro, junior was the general manager of the phillies for seven years. he was assistant gm for ten years before that. ruben was a player for six years. amaro no longer the gm as of yesterday. new president macphail said he made decision two days ago. amaro did not have the the support of the fans in this town and surprisingly that played a part in the decision. maybe less than 9,000 fans the last three nights had something to do with it but john middleton who has clearly taken lead in the owner ship group said something you would not normally hear from the team, the fans played a part in this. >> all of news this room exist because of the fans. if the fans didn't buy ticket or watch tv, nobody in this room at this moment would have a job. so they are critical to all sports organizations, and including the phillies, and what they think is important to us. >> reporter: fan pressure was part of that then. >> we were air was have the
5:41 am
fans feelings, absolutely. >> phillies and cubs play a double header tonight at 5:00. that is sports in a howard eskin. nfl season now officially underway and just a week after beating nfl in court tom brady did the same thing to the pittsburgh steelers last night. >> new england quarterback tore up the defense and their tight event scored three touchdowns, final score patriots 28, steelers 21. last week brady had his four game deflate game suspension overturned by a judge in new york. they scored four touchdowns. >> as the game went on braid a dressed the media thinking that is all wow do. >> nbc sat down for a one on one and he said, no thanks. >> tough guy because he is upset. >> ax to grind. >> feelings are hurt. >> no, no thank you. >> best quarterback in the nfl, is sam bradford. >> really. >> really. >> you got a tweet on your twitter second. tell chris i'm predicting sam
5:42 am
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perfect guy. >> yes. >> so michael eely, morris chestnut, so what happens in this is what we know is that she jumped into this relationship with the stranger and her ex-boyfriend surfaces and will not go away. >> oh, no. >> it is creepy. >> it looks like it will be so good. >> stalker movie type things. >> we were just talking about when we can go see it to day. we just need a nap first sue serio. >> you don't want to, i often call movies a $10 nap because for me that is what it end up being. coming up, today, left over puddles, and left over clouds. that is for this morning but sunshine this afternoon, just cooler temperatures when we had mess of the week, we did have a heat wave monday, tuesday, wednesday, as we recall, weekend rain chances, there is a chance of rain, check in all weekend long, of course, and there is, a twitter handle sue serio fox 29. phillies get two because of
5:46 am
the rain yesterday, 5:05 is the the start time, nice evening weather-wise for phillies and cubs, both games, 78 degrees, as a first pitch rainfall yesterday was a record, 4.76 inches, in philadelphia, a new record for the date of the september 10th. impressive rainfall totals and other places as well, as much as 3 inches in the lancaster area, two and a half in wrightstown but all that heavy rain has moved off shore or up into new england, still raining in the boston area this morning but that is their problem. ours just some lingering clouds around, the rest of the morning and all that rain that we had in ocean county, that is out of here too. we will check future cast and see cloud still hanging around through seven or 8:00 o'clock. by ten or 11:00 sunshine is here, maybe earlier then that and rest of friday looks really nice. early part of the saturday looks really nice and then starts to get cloudy but still
5:47 am
dry throughout the afternoon. it isn't until five or 6:00 that some showers roll in we could get heavy rain at night on saturday, into very early sunday morning, little bit of the break on sunday morning, just clouds but by 2:00 in the afternoon there is more rain around. rain will be around, it is not going to win every minute. won't be a wash out but just won't be as perfect as labor day weekend will be at all. sixty-five in allentown. sixty-seven in reading. mid 60's in lancaster. go to the south and we have got 70 degrees in wildwood but it still feels damp and sticky out there thanks to the northerly breezes, that will change soon, we have a 13 miles an her breeze in philadelphia, so that is kind of drying things out and hopefully handling those puddles that are still left over. eighty-one was the the high yesterday, for today we're thinking 84, plenty of sunshine, improving a lot today especially over yesterday. eighty-one is our high for tomorrow, sunshine, early in the the day and then showers role in later on and it is off
5:48 am
and on with the sunshine and the showers on sunday. but boy do we have a nice stretch coming up, starting on monday, tuesday, and wednesday next week. by thursday we are inching back in the mid to upper 80's. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly is going to be ab okay weekend but we have to get through this morning. >> yucky start here jammo crossing town on the vine street expressway. live look at westbound lanes of the vine street expressway, jackknife tractor trailer on the ramps from the vine street expressway to head west out of town on the schuylkill expressway. so what we are seeing here is all traffic push into two lanes and then just past our camera shot here they are allowing one lane to squeeze through heading west on the schuylkill out toward king of prussia this will impact everyone that comes over ben franklin, uses the vine to try to gain access to the schuylkill, because of the big traffic jams it is impacting both directions. if you are trying to get your
5:49 am
self out of town west, your best bet, use vine local and take kelly or martin luther king drives to work your way out toward city line. of course, in center city, heading in to 30th street jump off at broad street or use market street or chestnut or walnut street bridges to gain access to the train terminals. we have damp friday. all of the left over rain from yesterday cause forgo wet road and pud also and we have a spray kicking up off the the cars and trucks in front of you you, 42 slow go into the walt whitman. sue mentioned double header tonight, the gates opened up at 4:05. game is at 5:05. we will get one for one. if you have a ticket from last night's game, you have to exchange that in return for another game ticket. you could go tonight, you can also hold that ticket for a game next year. totally up to you but again you get two for one holding a ticket for tonight's game. who is hungry.
5:50 am
>> i am starving. >> okay. >> sunday manayunk street festival with the emphasis on the eat taking over main street there in manayunk on sunday. chris and lauren, back to you. let me ask you a question at what age did you feel like you were finally a grown up or an adult. >> forty-six. >> was that yesterday. >> a new study says most people don't feel like it, until 29. >> so this british study shows people don't associate adulthood with age but more in terms of the major life stages. so that includes things such as marriage, having kid, and buying a home. in today's world, where 20 something's living at home or relying on their parents for money this is affecting how young adults view adulthood. but some researchers say delayed adulthood might not be all that bad saying there might somebody medicine such as having more time to fully mature before you take on major responsibilities. so lauren dawn johnson, you are in your early 30's. >> yep.
5:51 am
>> are you fully mature. >> i think so. >> when did you fully mature. >> i was going to say i felt like an adult as soon as i started paying bills. doesn't that make you feel like a grown up. >> my parents put a credit card in my name, once you get out and get your first job and paying bills good then electric,e tilt, your rent you are like i'm a grown up now even if you don't feel like one. >> paying your own bills. >> yes. >> wait until you start paying a mortgage. >> that is what i tell my mom all the time, you cannot tell me what to do. >> it definitely cut the cord, right. >> charlie sheen. >> backing out the of the role for 50 shades of gray what's mostly destructive. he wases supposed to take on role of christian gray but he tells the man magazine leaving the film was a heart break goatee situation. he now says he back out because he had a competing project to complete. he wanted to keep his commitment to that role but faced speculation in the aftermath and dropping out of
5:52 am
the 50 shades of gray and says he was upset having to tell the director he could not take the the role, after he initially accepted it. >> does he look like christian gray though. >> not there. >> i can't see it. >> no. >> coming up hollywood is coming to chester county. >> kevin smith tweeted out this picture yesterday, announced he will shoot a sequel to mall rats at exton square mall. we found our mall, y'all. exton square mall in exton pa will star mall rats two, no word on exactly when in january the filming begins. but watch out if you shop at that mall. a tortoise, a dog, a pair of cowboy boots and a man in clause. sound like the beginning of the joke, right. what they have in common. >> or a riddle. they are new additions of the guinness book of world record. meet birdie the tortoise, fastest of her time on the planet. she clocked in at .3 of a meter per second. >> the beagle caught 14 mini
5:53 am
soccer balls in one minute. amazing. cowboys boots are largest sculpture of the world in the kind and andre is in the record books, as the the fastest, 100-meter runner in clogs and just about 16 seconds. >> running in clogs is stupid. >> most interesting thing in running in clogs is it is very painful and the shoe, not feet. >> don't do it, if it is painful. put on some sneakers kid. other winners will include a steer with the white horns and world's largest ballpoint pen. program call the morning area relaxation core how dogs in an airport could create a calm refine experience.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪ ♪ with the new chase freedom mobile app, you can simply redeem, pay, and go. the new chase freedom mobile app. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can. good morning, welcome back at 5:56. we have a lot of rain yesterday. in fact a record at the airport. you can now alleviate any travel-related apprehension before boarding at sacramento international airport in northern california with a pat on the head, the program called, the boarding area relaxation cooler is a
5:57 am
partnership between airport and lend a hand. therapy dogs patrolled twice a week at sacramento airport, job to comfort anyone who may need extra support before boarding. >> hopefully, parent, people traveling with children, will have a little bit of a moment or two of relief and just hopefully makes the travel day a little bit better for everyone. >> all of the dogs are certified in obedience training and selected for their cause and friendly personality. they are all spade and newterd, groomed daily and updated on their shots. zip inside this duffle bag a dog, what the spca requesting to help him get well. we will be right back.
5:58 am
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bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] it is 6:00 o'clock everybody. it has been four years since that happened the worst terror attack in american history. services are planned across the country on this 9/11. we will take to you most of them. secret service gives you a virtual tour of the what the city will look like when pope francis comes to town. >> cool, very cool. >> we will show it to you. it rained and rained and rained i was called noah, and in fact, we broke some records out at the airport. good day, everybody it is friday


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